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Universal plaster machine with integrated pan mixer

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The PS 180 PM with the integrated pan mixer provides mixing quality and productivity with the site mixed and the premixed materials.

The PS 180 PM is a powerful, efficient and reliable plastering machine with an integrated pan mixer when the use of a pan mixer is preferred for the mixing of materials and the style of work.

The pump and mixer gearboxes are both protected under the machine cover increasing their reliability.

The PS 180 PM pan mixer is equipped with SIX mixing paddles that offer high mixing quality and homogeneity in fireproofing materials.

An ideal plastering machine for fireproofing materials.

PS 180 PM spray plaster machine.jpg

A complete plaster pump suitable for various materials and applications.

  • Spray application of fireproofing materials.

  • Plastering with cement and cement-lime based site mixed plasters and mortars.

  • Plastering with cement based dry ready mixed plasters in bags.

  • Plastering with wet ready mixed plasters supplied by a truck mixer.

  • Plastering with perlite and lightweight plasters.

  • Spraying cement mixes on 3D panels.

  • Pumping floor screeds, slurries, mortars and self-leveling materials for floor screeding.

  • Producing and pumping lightweight concrete and thermal insulation materials (perlite, foam concrete etc).

  • Spraying cement mixes and mortar to coat cracks and refurbish old buildings, bridges, tunnels etc.

  • Conveying masonry mortar for building walls.

  • Injection of cement grout.


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