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The legendary PS 3000 is maybe the most powerful double piston plaster pump for a wide range

of materials.

Welcome to KAPPA, a leading manufacturer and exporter of plastering machines.

KAPPA has established its reputation as a worldwide renowned manufacturer of high-quality plastering machines with state of the art facilities, design center, and R&D team.

The KAPPA plastering machine series manufactured according to high standards of quality and safety and they are developed continuously by KAPPA R&D team to serve with the best way the needs of the modern contractors and builders.

Why choose a KAPPA plaster pump.



KAPPA team has more than 25 years experience in the manufacturing and installation of reliable plastering machines.

Our company has its own reserach and development team that is responsible for the constant optimization of our plaster pump models according to the new technologies, the new demands of the market and the needs of our clients.


KAPPA is an original plaster pumps manufacturer.


KAPPA machine series covers a vast range of materials and applications including cement and gypsum based plasters and mortars, lightweight materials, floor screeds, self leveled flooring materials, decorative plasters, foam concrete, perlite, EPS, 3D panels reinforcement, repairs, and structural strength applications etc.


KAPPA does not offer only a range of reliable and efficient machines but also provides the adequate training that is essential to make the uninterrupted productivity possible from the very first batch of material.

The training in the operation, the service and the maintenance of the machines and in the safety is granted to all our local clients.

Our engineers traveling frequently around the globe to provide training  upon demand of our clients and our dealers.

Select a suitable plaster machine for your building style and materials.


Our plaster equipment range covers almost all types of cement and gypsum based plasters and mortars suitable for machine application.


Explore our plaster equipment range and get consultancy from our experts for the machine solution that suits best to your application and materials.

PS 3000 plastering machine

Pumps for site mixed materials.

Powerful with developed double piston pumps to perform in the most difficult conditions with the most demanding materials.


Completed work stations that mixing, storage, pumping and spray a wide range of cement based plasters, self leveled materials, floor screeds, cellular concrete, perlite mortars etc.

PS 180 VM spray plaster machine

Lightweight materials pumps with integrated batching mixer.

Compact design for economy and versatility PS 180 series pumps offer high mixing quality, reliability and large output similar to larger types of screw pumps.

Suitable for cement plasters, perlite, EPS beads lightweight screeds, foam concrete etc.

PS 3000 HD plaster pump

Self-leveling floor screeds pumps with auto-loading system.

With a green technology 24hp KOHLER diesel engine, the PS 3000 HD is the first machine in the world in its category with a powerful and low-cost maintenance double piston pump.

It is ideal for self-leveling screeds, cement plasters, perlite screeds and plasters, foam concrete etc.

PS 40 spray plaster machine

Continuous mixing pumps and sprayers for ready dry mixed materials.

Continuous mixing pumps suitable for almost all bagged materials for machine application.

PS 40 provides high mixing quality and efficiency with gypsum based plasters, cement based plasters, lightweight mortars and plasters and with a vast range of building materials.

PRAXIS IDEA plastering machine

Economic pumps and sprayers for a wide range of materials.

Small sized pumps and sprayers suitable for traditional, dry premixed and special materials cement and gypsum based.

AERO 550 screed pump

AERO series

screed conveyors

Diesel or electric screed and micro-concrete mixing conveyors.

AERO is a successful series of mixing conveyors of floor screeds, micro-concrete, semi-dry materials and aggregates.

make the plaster work done.png

If you are a developer or a contractor, definitely you need a KAPPA plastering machine.


Today the increased developing volume, the costs and the fast pace in every country demand mechanized solutions for every stage of the construction.


The plastering is maybe the most demanding and time spending work, and it requires lots and lots of material. The material must be mixed transferred to any location of the construction complex and applied on the surfaces before the skilled plasterer level it and finish it promoting his craft.


Studies have shown that the mixing, the distribution and the application of the plaster material on the surfaces consumes up to 90% of the overall plastering time.


This figure increased and is related to the size and the height of the construction project and reaches the top in countries like India that the average plaster thickness is quite high.


The plastering team daily spends the most of the time to essential to the plastering jobs which is the mixing and the shifting of the material and the filling of the surfaces with plaster up to a certain level that they will be enabled to start their art that is the plastering.


The real plastering time is very less, and it is restricted to the site access level and the ability of the plastering team to provide an adequate amount of material.


The calculation of the volume of the plaster material that is required for plastering project it helps to understand the pressing issue of the time and the costs that you waste to the essential tasks and not on the plastering.


For example for one lakh sqft of a total area for plastering and an average plaster thickness of 20mm the plaster contractor must mix, distribute and fill all surfaces with 186 cubic meters of plaster!


For daily productivity of just 3000 sqft with an average plaster thickness of 20 mm is required at least 5.6 cubic meters of material which is more than the quantity that delivers a truck mixer.


The figures are enormous, and this is the real problem that keeps the plastering cost high and delays the project progress significantly.


A KAPPA plaster pump will mix, transfer and fill the surfaces with the material with amazing speed reducing the required for these jobs time from the 90% up to the 10% of the overall plastering time.


The plasterer that will not spend his time and his stamina for applying the material on the wall will have the comfort and time to level and finish much larger area with excellent results.


Economic plastering and excellent plastering with a KAPPA plaster machine.

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