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Diesel double piston plaster pump with self-loading system

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A revolutionary diesel Double Piston Plaster Pump

for many uses!

The PS 3000 HD was the first diesel double piston plaster equipment with self-loading system. Another idea of KAPPA that found imitators who their machines remained behind the original PS 3000 HD in performance, reliability and versatility.


This exceptional plastering machine is designed and developed to provide the power and the low running cost of a piston pump with the friendly use of a screw pump machine.


It is suitable for a vast range of plastering, flooring and thermal insulation materials such as site mixed traditional plasters and mortars, ready dry mixed materials, lightweight cellular foam concrete, self-leveled flooring materials, anhydrate substrates, cement based floor beds etc.


A powerful and efficient plaster equipment for the demanding materials.

The PS 3000 HD pump can utilize raw and low-cost materials such as desert sand, crushed sand etc. without the need for expensive ready premixed materials.

High performances.

The power and the efficiency of its piston pump provide large output in long delivery distances and heights.

Quality and reliability.

The PS 3000 HD is made with parts of the most reputed vendors.



The pump is regulated to work up to 40 bar max. Pressure. The mixer and the restoration hopper agitator have protection lids with a safety system that interrupts their operation when each protection lid opens. The engine and the other internal mechanical parts are fully covered under the canopy of the machine and no opening allow any human body part to enter in when the engine runs creating a possible risk of injury.


A user-friendly and an easy to operate plaster equipment with a neat design and a complete and informative control panel.

Low loading height (just 400 mm).

This design feature is minimizing the fatigue of the labor and by that increase the productivity.

Easy to clean. 

The pump of the PS 3000 HD is redesigned, and it can be dismantled easily without required to be removed from the machine making its maintenance and cleaning an easy and quick task.

Low running cost.

Its double piston pump require less maintenance and much less costing disposables in comparison to any type screw pump. The pump cylinders are hard chromed with a special surface treatment that optimizing the lubrication of the piston gaskets reducing their wear and tear enormously and making the need of their replacement rarer.

Standard version parts

  • Pump with 2 pistons.

  • Batching mixer 270 l with self=loading system.

  • Storage hopper with agitator 290 l.

  • 24hp diesel engine.

  • Integrated heavy duty twin cylinder air compressor made by Ingersoll Rand.

  • Mechanical transmission system with 3-speed levels.

  • Robust chassis frame mounted on shock absorbers and wheels.

  • Special made for plasters lightweight and flexible delivery rubber hoses that can accept pressure up to 120 Bar.

  • 60 cm long spray gun with nozzles.

  • Air hoses set.

  • Overpressure safety system.

  • Remote start-stop pumping system.

  • Pressure gauge.

  • Vibrating screen.


  • Low loading height.

  • Self-loading system.

  • All in one machine.

  • 2 pistons pump.

  • Powerful.

  • Long delivery distance and height.

  • High output.

  • Long service life.

  • Low running cost pump.

  • Suitable for site mix with raw materials.

  • It can be used for a broad range of materials and applications.

  • Manufacturer written warranty.

Plaster pump technical data

* The data is theoretical and it depends mainly on material quality, composition and consistency, the diameter of the conveying hose and the mix design. The delivery performance in height and distance cannot be achieved simultaneously.​

All technical description, information and technical data of this site may change without prior notice from our company, please contact us for any additional information about the products and get the latest data update and information.

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