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The plastering problem and the KAPPA solution

An animated presentation

How to plaster fast and economically with a KAPPA machine.

A real time video

PS 3000/2E the King of the Site Mix

A video mix of the remarkable plaster pump.

The record of 160 meters of pumping by the legendary PS 3000/2E.

A real video from a project.

18.000 sq ft in ONE day, in a project in Oman with PS 3000/2E.

A real video from a project in Oman.

The new PS 3000/2D short video.

A real video from a prestigious project

in Mauritius..

The new PS 3000/2D gives another solution

Plastering of a 4.5 kilometers long boundary wall.

The PS 3000/2D

10.000 sq ft in with raw site mix material in ONE day in a project in Saudi Arabia.

The compact and powerful

PS 180 VM

A real video from a 38 floors prestigious project in Gurgaon.

The new PS 180 VM

A simple presentation of this productive machine.

The PS 180 G with a petrol engine somewhere in Europe.

No electricity? No problem!



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