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Floor screeding machines

Pneumatic conveyors for the transportation of floor substrates and aggregates.


Screed pumps, screeding machines, pneumatic conveyors are some of the names that the professionals call these highly efficient machines with the unique technology.


The operation principle of the pneumatic screed pumps.

Every screed pump is based on the principle of air transportation.


A required certain volume of air is carrying the screeding material through a pipeline.


The basic parts of the pneumatic screed conveyors are a pressure vessel with batching mixer, an engine or an electric motor, a powerful screw air compressor, the controller, the delivery hoses and the delivery hood.


The material is loaded in the pressure vessel through a manhole on the top of the pressure vessel and is mixed by the batching mixer which is built in the vessel, the pressure vessel is also the mixer of the machine.


The engine drives the mixer and the screw air compressor.


The operator fills the vessel with enough material which is mixed in the vessel almost instantly.


He seals the pressure vessel by closing a rigid lid with a safety system and set the air compressor in the loading condition by pressing a button in the control panel of the machine.


The produced air enters into the vessel and into the pipeline by two separate outlets producing the required pressure to carry the screed to the application location through the pipeline.


At the end of the pipeline, the material delivered through the devilery hood that separates the air from the material and absorbs the impact from the pressure that is obtained in the screed pump air system.


Important is that with a screed pump is required a high volume of air and low pressure for the transfer of the material through the pipeline, the pressure in the pipeline is the lowest in comparison to piston and screw pumps.


The unique advantage of air transfer is the ability to pump materials with a very low rate of water and even dry materials that otherwise their pumping could not be possible.


In the matter of fact with a pneumatic screed conveyor, the material is not pumped but transferred.



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