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floor screeding machine

Advanced diesel pneumatic conveyor for floor screeds.

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AERO 450 pneumatic conveyor 1
AERO 450 flkoor screed pump
AERO 450 screeding machines
AERO 450 micro concrete pump

Remarkable performance screed pump for professionals.

  • AERO 450 is one of the most advanced and complete machines for the pneumatic pumping of floor screeds in semi-dry or dry condition.
  • Equipped with mechanical parts and components manufactured by the most important factories, it deliversremarkable performances and high reliability.
  • Ideal for mixing and pumping floor screeds, cement mortar, sand, gravel and many other semi-dry or dry structural materials to both small and large worksites without needing to move it.
  • High manufacturing quality in combination with unique functionality features create a must-have machinery for professional use, always with respect to the user and the environment.
  • AERO 450 is manufactured in accordance to all relevant international specifications and communal directives.


  • At AERO 450’s core is the powerfuland high-quality German screw rod air-compressor by the pioneering firm Ingersoll Rand.


  • Responsible for the motion of the air-compressor and the mixer is the Mitsubishi diesel motor, manufactured in Germany, which is the top choice of all great material pumping machinery manufacturers for many decades now.


  • The combination of two leading manufacturers, Ingersoll Rand and Mitsubishi, provides AERO 450 with its high performances.

With automatic pumping stop system.
The AERO 450 it is equipped with automatic pumping stop system that interrupts the pumping when the material from the vessel is delivered.
This provides except convenienece to the operator energy saving and less wear and tear to the machine parts, the engine and the air compressor.

Technical data of the screeding machine versions

* Depends mainly on material type, quality, composition and consistency, diameter, diameter of the conveying hose, conveying height and distance and the size of the screw pump.

The performance of the machine depends on the mix design. The sand must be graded and sieved and the mix must contains a certain amount of fines and admixtures for spray plastering.

All website technical description, information and technical data may can change, please contact us for any additional information about the products and get the updated data and information.

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