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Universal plaster machine

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We present the new model of the successful

PS 180 V plaster machine.

The new PS 180 V is a universal plaster machine for a vast range of materials and applications such as cement plasters and mortars, gypsum plasters, decorative plasters, lightweight concrete, refractory mortars, perlite, self-leveling floor screeds, anhydrite screeds, mortars with EPS beads, shotcrete on EPS/3D panels, etc.


Powerful and efficient as always now it is equipped with VECTOR technology that provides higher torque up to 200 % of the electric motor even in the low speeds.


This feature makes PS 180 V the ideal machine for demanding materials and for materials that require controlled output.

The PS 180 V it is available with an integrated batching mixer as the model PS 180 VM

filling height ps 180 v plastering machi

Despite its large mixer and material hopper capacity, PS 180 V provides low loading height without or even with the batching mixer.


The loading height is just 56 cm for use without the vibrating sieve and 59 cm for use with the vibrating sieve.


The low loading height offers comfort to the machine user and the PS 180 V can easily placed under various types of mixers such as portable drum mixers, continuous mixing mixers, mortar batching mixers etc.

A low loading height plastering machine.

With screw pumps imported from Germany

A very well designed plaster machine for easy operation and effciency.

  • Plastering with cement and cement-lime based site mixed plasters and mortars.

  • Plastering with cement based dry ready mixed plasters in bags.

  • Plastering with wet ready mixed plasters supplied by a truck mixer.

  • Plastering with perlite and lightweight plasters.

  • Spraying cement mixes on 3D panels.

  • Pumping floor screeds, slurries, mortars and self-leveling materials for floor screeding.

  • Producing and pumping lightweight concrete and thermal insulation materials (perlite, foam concrete etc).

  • Spraying cement mixes and mortar to coat cracks and refurbish old buildings, bridges, tunnels etc.

  • Conveying masonry mortar for building walls.

  • Injection of cement grout.


Standard version parts

  • Storage hopper 160 l.

  • Optional batching mixer 150 l.

  • Screw pump imported from Germany.

  • Integrated twin cylinder oil-free air compressor.

  • Heavy-duty pump gear motor.

  • Electric box with frequency inverter and control panel.

  • Vibrating sieve with an electric vibrator.

  • Material conveying shaft.

  • Robust chassis frame mounted on wheels.

  • Toolbox.

  • Rubber hoses.

  • Air hose.

  • Spray gun with nozzles.

  • Material pressure gauge.

  • Remote start-stop pumping system.

Quality standards

  • Heavy-duty geared electric motor.

  • Heavy duty frequency inverter by Mitsubishi.

  • Screw pump made in Germany.

  • Rubber hoses.

  • All fabrications and processes are made by CNC and laser cutting machines

  • Heavy-duty gearboxes.

  • Imported electric vibrator.

  • The material conveying shaft made of alloy steel.

  • Hard chromed transmission shaft.

  • Steel hoses couplings.

  • Powder coated.

  • The threaded parts are galvanized or chrome plated for anti-rust resistance.


  • Compact sized machine.

  • Efficient and versatile.

  • Powerful.

  • Low loading height.

  • Suitable for a big range of materials.

  • Productive and suitable for a long delivery distance of the material.

  • VECTOR technology.

  • Suitable for site mix with raw materials.

  • It is equipped with a heavy-duty frequency inverter for controlled output.

  • Manufacturer written warranty.

Plastering machine technical data

* The data is theoretical and it depends mainly on material quality, composition and consistency, the diameter of the conveying hose, the screw pump size and the mix design. The delivery performance in height and distance cannot be achieved simultaneously.​

All technical description, information and technical data of this site may change without prior notice from our company, please contact us for any additional information about the products and get the latest data update and information.

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