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Continuous mixing plaster spray machine for dry premixed materials.

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Reliable and ideal spray plaster machine for dry premixed materials for machine application.

The PS 40 is a mixing worm pump–sprayer for all ready–mixed dry mortars and plasters,renovated for increased efficiency and flexibility.


The smaller dimensions — especially the smaller width — make PS 40 more manoeuvrable inside narrow rooms, corridors, doors etc.

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Thanks to its ergonomic design, the fully equipped PS 40 is ideal for a vast range of applications of plaster (gypsum/ gypsum-lime plaster), floor-screed, rendering (lime/lime-cement and insulating plasters), bonding mortars as well as reinforcement mortars.

Standard version parts

  • Dry material hopper.

  • Material feeder.

  • Mixing pump 5,5 kW.

  • Screw pump imported from Germany.

  • Integrated twin cylinder oil-free air compressor.

  • Pump gear motor SIEMENS.

  • Electric box with control panel.

  • Water pump with automation and flow meter.

  • Mixing shaft.

  • Robust chassis frame mounted on wheels.

  • Toolbox.

  • Material delivery hoses.

  • Air hose.

  • Spray gun with nozzles.

  • Material pressure gauge.

  • Remote start-stop pumping system.

Quality standards

  • SIEMENS electric motor.

  • Gates rubber hoses.

  • 100 % of metal parts cut by AMADA Japan laser cutting machines.

  • MOTOVARIO Italy gear box.

  • Mixing shaft made by steel alloy.

  • Outlet flange made by steel alloy.

  • Steel hoses couplings.

  • Powder coating.

  • Threaded parts are galvanized or chrome plated for rust resistance.


  • Compact sized machine.

  • Robust construction

  • Efficient and versatile.

  • Powerful.

  • Large field of applications.

  • High performances.

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Easy to operate

  • It can be used directly under silos

  • Complete range of accessories

  • Manufacturer written warranty

Plastering machine technical data

* The data is theoretical and it depends mainly on material quality, composition and consistency, the diameter of the conveying hose, the screw pump size and the mix design. The delivery performance in height and distance cannot be achieved simultaneously.​

All technical description, information and technical data of this site may change without prior notice from our company, please contact us for any additional information about the products and get the latest data update and information.

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