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Mixing plaster spraying machine for wet and dry premixed materials.

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PRAXIS MEGA revocadora

The sucess of PRAXIS lead us to create a machine with the same versatility suitable for higher performances and more demanding materials.


PRAXIS MEGA is a spray plastering machine more affordable and more handy machine for wet and dry mixed materials such as machine applied cement and gypsum plasters, lightweight plasters etc


It can be used as a pump to conveying materials for non spraying application such as flooring substrates or as a sprayer for spraying application such as plastering.


PRAXIS MEGA is suitable for wet mixed materials that they are mixed in a mixer with water or are supplied premixed and for dry mixed materials in the version with the mixing system.


Dry mixed materials for machine application added dry in PRAXIS MEGA hopper and mixed instantly in its mixing system that includes mixing shaft, mixing chamber, water pump with flow meter and the necessary automation.

Extremely versatile and portable like his little brother PRAXIS but with more power and bigger hopper for even more types of materials and plastering applications.

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  • Compact sized machine.

  • Efficient and versatile.

  • 5,5 kw pump gear motor.

  • Low loading height.

  • Suitable for big range of materials.

  • Performances similar to the bigger machines.


  • Suitable for wet and dry mixed materials.

  • VECTOR technology (optional).

  • Mobile.

  • It is equipped with a heavy duty frequency inverter for controlled output (optional).

  • 2 years warranty

PRAXIS is available optional with a heavy

duty frequency inverter with VECTOR technology that provides high torque even in the small running speeds for applications that require controlled output.

with VECTOR technology.
PRAXIS MEGA is a machine that designed to be mobile.
It can be easily dismantled in its basic parts for effortless shifting of the machine in different locations at the site and easy storage.
The gear motor and the air compressor have foots and handles for convenient transportation and protection.
Easy dismantling for mobility and easy storage.
Wall plastering machine
The dimensions of the largest part of PRAXIS MEGA which is its hopper is just 988 x 626 x 1000 mm (LxWxH). 
Easy transportation and storage.
Mortar pump

Basic parts:


  • Restoration hopper 75 l.

  • Mixing system with water pump and flow meter for PRAXIS MEGA M.

  • Screw pump imported from Germany.

  • Portable twin cylinder oil-free air compressor.

  • Pump gear motor MGM VARVEL Italy.

  • Electric box with frequency inverter Hitachi and control panel (optional).

  • Hopper electric vibrator Italvibras.

  • Material conveying shaft.

  • Robust chassis frame mounted on wheels.

  • Toolbox.

  • Special light and flexible delivery rubber hoses that can accept pressure up to 60 Bar.

  • Air hose.

  • Spray gun with nozzles.

  • Material pressure gauge.

  • Remote start-stop pumping system.





Frequency inverters
Gear boxes
Electric vibrators
Electric components


is made with:

Material delivery hoses

Quality aspects:


  • MGM Italy electric motor.

  • Heavy duty HITACHI frequency inverter (optional).

  • Gates rubber hoses.

  • 100 % of metal parts cutted by AMADA Japan laser cutting machines.

  • VARVEL Italy gear box.

  • Italvibras Italy electric vibrator.

  • Material conveying shaft made by steel alloy.

  • Hard chromed pump shaft.

  • Steel hoses couplings.

  • Powder coating.

  • Threaded parts are galvanized or chrome plated for rust resistance.





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