Wall plaster machine with petrol engine.

No electric supply? No problem!

Advanced screw pump with a petrol engine!


The NEW PS 180 G plaster machine provides unique independence from the electric power supply and a lot of power!​

Thanks to the powerful 14 hp petrol engine, PS 180 G provides unique freedom and power like no other worm pump in the same category.


And not only that, PS 180 G has characteristics, which help the user start fast and finish the job even faster and easier:

It is a wall plaster machine suitable for a broad range of applications:

  • Plastering with site mixed plasters.

  • Plastering with dry ready-mixed plasters.

  • Plastering with traditional materials and lime-cement plasters.

  • It is ideal for spraying cement mortars on 3D panels.

  • Plastering and pumping perlite, EPS beads and other lightweight materials.

  • Pumping foam concrete.

  • Spraying thermal insulating materials

  • Pumping self-leveling flooring materials.

  • Pumping of screeds and cement mixes.

  • Spraying and pumping fiber cementitious materials.

  • Spraying reinforcing cement based materials.

  • Injecting cement grouts.

  • It is small-sized and versatile.
  • It is simple.
  • Very easy to use.
  • PS 180 G provides high performances:
    • Large output.
    • Long delivery distance.
    • High delivery height.
  • PS 180 G is ideal for large and small-scale applications.
  • Easy to transport.
  • It is reliable.
  • It requires minimum maintenance.
  • With built-in double piston air compressor and many features.

The PS 180 G is a powerful and extremely versatile and affordable plastering machine.

Thanks to its compact design and to the 14hp petrol engine   the PS 180 G is a machine of a unique technology that challenging the bigger and quite costlier plaster pumps when at the same time is a very easy to use, to maintain, to clean, to shift and to storage machine.

The PS 180 G is available with an efficient integrated batching mixer in the model PS 180 GM.


The "cage" type frame of the PS 180 G provides increased rigidity and safety. The operator cannot touch any of the moving mechanical parts that contained in the machine frame.

Whenever is required the machine hood and the back side of the frame can be removed very easily for comfortable maintenance of the plaster machine.


Under the vibration screen is placed a protection lid with a safety system that turn off the engine when the lid is lifted.


For the relief of the pressure in the pump and in the pipes there is a customized heavy duty valve.

The pressurized material returns back in the machine hopper.


The PS 180 G is very versatile machine and its control panel make its operation very easy.

The pumping function is two-way controlled, by the machine applicator from the contol panel switch and remote controlled by the spraying applicator from the spray gun switch.

The two openings in the frame of the machine provide access to the electric start key switch and the air chuck switch.


The PS 180 G is powered by a 14hp green technology petrol engine with electric start.

For the spraying application the PS 180 G is equipped with a twin cylinder air compressor made by Ingersoll Rand with a capacity of 740 l/min.

The machine hood can be removed very easily providing easy and convenient maintenance of the mechanical parts of the machine.

A safety switch turns off the engine when the machine hood is removed.


A quick anti-rust coupling is placed under the hopper making the cleaning of the machine a very easy task.

Standard version parts

  • Restoration hopper 140 l.

  • Optional batching mixer 150 l.

  • Screw pump imported from Germany.

  • Integrated twin cylinder Ingersoll Randair compressor.

  • Petrol engine 14 hp with electric start.

  • Vibrating sieve with vibrator.

  • Material conveying shaft.

  • Robust chassis frame mounted on wheels.

  • Toolbox.

  • Rubber hoses.

  • Air hose.

  • Spray gun with nozzles.

  • Material pressure gauge.

  • Remote start-stop pumping system.

Quality standards

  • Green technology petrol engine.

  • Air compressor Ingersoll Rand.

  • Rubber hoses.

  • 100 % of metal parts cutted byAMADA Japan laser cutting machines.

  • Heavy-duty gear box.

  • Material conveying shaft made by steel alloy.

  • The mixer shaft is hard chromed and made by steel alloy.

  • Hard chromed transmission shaft.

  • Steel hoses couplings.

  • Powder coating.

  • Threaded parts are galvanized or chrome plated for rust resistance.


  • Petrol engine plaster machine, no electric supply is required.

  • Compact sized machine.

  • Efficient and versatile.

  • Powerful, 12 hp, far from the competition.

  • Low loading height.

  • Suitable for big range of materials.

  • High performances.

  • Suitable for site mix with raw materials.

  • Manufacturer written warranty

KAPPA PS 180 G plastering machine

Plastering machine technical data

* The data is theoretical and it depends mainly on material quality, composition and consistency, the diameter of the conveying hose, the screw pump size and the mix design. The delivery performance in height and distance cannot be achieved simultaneously.​

All technical description, information and technical data of this site may change without prior notice from our company, please contact us for any additional information about the products and get the latest data update and information.



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