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Diesel mixing screed pump

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Simply the strongest screed pump!

AERO 550 is equipped with a 75 Hp diesel engine by JCB, a 5.600 l/min at 12 bar rotary screw air compressor by GARDNER DENVER and a 330 liters mixing vessel, without a doubt is the most powerful and efficient screed pump in the world!

Thanks to its modern design and the long-term development AERO 550 combines extreme power with compact dimensions. AERO 550 surprising with its small dimensions despite its power and efficiency.


It is a diesel pneumatic conveyor suitable for mixing and pumping floor screeds, 

aggregates, sand etc in large distances and heights providing a high output.


The user of AERO 550 can select the max. operation air pressure from 6 up to 12 bar depend on the material type and the delivery distance and height requirement.


AERO 550 can deliver the materials in distances and heights that other machines can not and is the clear choice of the demanding professionals.


The max. pressure selection is easy and automated through the control panel and the electronic controller of AERO 550.


AERO 550 controller provides easy operation and control of the machine and full information to the user for the engine, the air compressor, the mixer, the service schedule and possible warnings.


Power and economy thanks to the powerful diesel air compressor and its advanced PLC controller.



Technical data of the screeding machine versions

* Depends mainly on material type, quality, composition and consistency, diameter, diameter of the conveying hose, conveying height and distance and the size of the screw pump.

The performance of the machine depends on the mix design. The sand must be graded and sieved and the mix must contains a certain amount of fines and admixtures for spray plastering.

All website technical description, information and technical data may can change, please contact us for any additional information about the products and get the updated data and information.

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