The most economic mixing spray plastering machine for site mixed and dry premixed materials.


The PRAXIS IDEA is the realization of the KAPPA idea to offer to its clients a very economic machine that is also powerful and has features similar to the bigger KAPPA machines.

It is economic and powerful suitable for cement and gypsum based plasters, it is a Great Idea!

This complete and efficient plastering machine has maybe the richest supply list with incomparable quality:

  • Heavy duty pump gearbox by Motovario Italy.

  • Screw pump imported from Germany.

  • Integrated batching mixer (PRAXIS IDEA M)

  • Durable mixer gearbox, imported from Italy.

  • Twin-cylinder air compressor.

  • Sieving screen with electric vibrator imported from Italy.

  • Rubber hoses special made for plaster, imported from Italy.

  • Frequency inverter by Mitsubishi.

  • Robust chassis.

  • Complete and ergonomic control panel.

  • Material pressure gauge.

  • Long spray gun with different size nozzles.

  • Steel hose couplings.

  • Mixer shaft with hard chromed ends.

An affordable and very easy to use plastering machine.

The PRAXIS IDEA is equipped with a heavy duty frequency inverter and with a complete control panel.


The output adjustment according to the material type and the application and the operation of the machine are very easy.

Plaster pump technical data

* The data is theoretical and it depends mainly on material quality, composition and consistency, the diameter of the conveying hose, the screw pump size and the mix design. The delivery performance in height and distance cannot be achieved simultaneously.​

All technical description, information and technical data of this site may change without prior notice from our company, please contact us for any additional information about the products and get the latest data update and information.



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