Bonding agents and primers.

SPRAY PLAST DESMOS redispersable powders offers increased strength and better bonding with the surfaces to cement and gypsum based plasters.


Different grades are available for other materials such as tile adhesives, joint filers etc.

DESMOS SBR range of liquid latex for water proofing and better bonding of cement site mix plasters.


Different grades are specialized on water proofing or on better bonding and strength of the plaster materials.

DESMOS PROTON C is a primer for cement based plasters that provides beter grip of the plaster with the surfaces and protection from the humidity that comes from external trought the wall in the future.


This primer also reducing the absorbsion of the water of the plaster from the surfaces materials (bricks etc) prolonging by that the workability and preventing the rapid shrinkage of the plaster that creates the cracks.


It can replace the spatterdash process process and it is recommended on surfaces with reduced grip like RCC surfaces and ceilings.

DESMOS PROTON G is a primer for gypsum and gypsum-lime based plasters for better grip and protection by the humidity that comes from external throught the walls and can brake the bond of the gypsum plasters with the walls or the other surfaces that are applied.



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